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People Admit They Won't Drink Their Own Tap Water


Of US Residents Get Their Water From Municipal Sources


1 in 4 Bottled Water Sources Are The Same As Tap Water

What’s In Your Water?

Water is a fundamental need of the human body; it not only makes up 60 to 70 percent of our body, it is also necessary for optimal function of the body’s cells, organs and tissues. Water is crucial to our overall health and well-being making the quality of the water we put into our body so much more important. Our bodies need high-quality water free of contaminants and impurities in order to achieve healthy effective hydration.

Home Water Solutions provides Fort Collins Water Treatment Systems that will improve and enhance the tap water that is poured into your home and family giving you clean water for life.

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  • Untreated Water May Contain Various Forms of Bacteria

    Iron bacteria can produce a sticky slime in the water and cause an unpleasant taste and smell like sewage or rotten vegetation.

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    Pesticides May Be Found In Your Water

    Pesticides, such as Atrazine are Simazine, are allowed in drinking water as long as they’re less than 3 parts-per-billion.

  • Estrogen is commonly found in most water systems

    Estrogen and birth control is commonly found in water systems. Did you know the average maturation age of females has dropped 5 years?

  • Lead Is Commonly Found In Homes Older Than 1976

    Lead is by far one of the most dangerous elements found in drinking water we test. It’s alarming, but most homes built before 1976 test positive for lead in their tap water.

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