Stop the worries.

Get a whole house
water treatment system today.

Stop the worries.

Get a whole house
water treatment system today.

Water Treatment: It’s Our Business.

Home Water Solutions in Loveland, CO and proudly extends their wide range of water treatment services to neighboring communities as well. From their start in 2014, Home Water Solutions LLC has been focused on the importance of clean fresh water and making that possible for people across Northern Colorado.

Home Water Solutions specializes in providing water treatment, water filtration, water purification, alkaline water, reverse osmosis, water conditioning, EC5, QRS, Ultrefiner, CleanStart, and eco-friendly laundry solutions. Our environmentally responsible water treatment services will improve the quality of life for our customers and their families.

Our water treatment systems are the best in Northern Colorado and designed to last a lifetime. Through a unique process, our home water treatment is able to strip the water of contaminants and impurities leaving your home with a higher quality of water; water that tastes, feels, cleans and hydrates better.

At Home Water Solutions, we believe that you deserve clean water and we’ve extensively trained our technicians to ensure that you are completely educated and satisfied with your water system. Through a comprehensive water test, our technicians are able to determine the contaminants that most affect your water along with testing for hardness, chlorine, acidity, and PH levels.

Better Water = A Better Life.

A home water treatment system from Home Water Solutions is further able to impact the quality of life by getting people away from bottled water. The price for bottled water is high for both your wallet and the environment and does not guarantee clean water.

Did you know: 25-30 percent of bottled water sold in the U.S. comes from tap water?

Bottled water does not guarantee that you’re drinking the best quality of water. People have actually dehydrated themselves by drinking bottled water. Home Water Solutions systems have a unique feature that is not used by any other company in Colorado, an alkaline filter that will create enhanced water with a higher PH level.

Alkaline water is able to hydrate 5 times faster than regular tap or bottled water. By creating a better quality of water, Home Water Solutions provides your home with water that both tastes great and is great for you.

Water treatment provides countless benefits for your family, home, health and budget. Contact Home Water Solutions LLC today for your free in-home water test and discover for yourself the difference that comes from a water treatment system.

Did You Know?

  • Only 75% of bottled water comes from “pure” sources. Most bottled water is simply tap water. 75% 75%
  • More than half of the people surveyed admit they won’t drink their tap water. 52% 52%
  • Number of people who learned about water contaminants from the media. 43% 43%
  • Most people purchase a filter AFTER a boil water warning has been announced. 41% 41%
  • Most people stated they’d pay more for a home water treatment system that could remove lead. 63% 63%

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