Alkaline Water: It’s Not Just For Athletes

The human body has an ideal pH level for body systems to run smoothly. pH is the measurement of how acidic an organism’s chemistry is or the concentration of hydrogen ions. The ideal pH level for human beings rests between 7.35 and 7.45. What you put in your body, including drinking water, can drastically affect the pH balance of your body. Most people eat a diet that is heavily acidic. Combining that with water with high acidity will lower your pH levels. Drinking alkaline water, along with eating alkaline foods, can help to balance your body chemistry and create optimal health.

The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral, 1 being the most acidic and 14 being the most basic. As humans, we prefer to be slightly alkaline, or just above 7 on the pH scale. The most common foods in the western diet, however, are highly acidic. Corn, pasta, bread, soda, and fried food all contribute to a high pH level in the body. Highly acidic foods combined with acidic water will negatively impact pH balance in a person. Even most purified and distilled water is moderately acidic, making alkaline water a more beneficial option.

Athletes in particular turn to alkaline water in order to stay hydrated and improve performance, both on and off the field. Gatorade is an alkalizing sports drink because it contains the same minerals that are added to alkaline water. During the University of Florida’s 1965 football season, university doctors created the beverage so that the players would stay hydrated in the sweltering Florida heat. Alkaline water provides the advantages, without the artificial flavor and large amounts of sugar. Alkaline water can benefit any person regardless of their level of physical activity and exertion.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water

To make water less acidic, alkalizing compounds like potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, and silica are added to the water. These are also essential minerals for staying energized and having a properly functioning nervous system. Alkalizing compounds make water more absorbable. This allows you to get more benefit out of the water you drink rather than it just running straight through your body. An alkaline body is less prone to disease. It helps increase daily endurance, activity, and overall health.

The minerals found in alkaline water can also slow the aging process by improving cellular metabolism and increasing energy production. Overall, they can lead to better health through better hydration. People who are chronically dehydrated often find themselves with more visible effects of aging.

When you drink alkaline water, your pH level will rise and your body chemistry gets closer to that ideal pH range of 7.35-7.45. Alkaline water functions better in your body on a cellular level than neutral or acidic water. Because your cells are more receptive to it, alkaline water helps the body to detox by removing acidic waste products that accumulate in your body throughout the day. The number of toxins your body has to process is greater now than ever before. High toxin levels come from the environment, processed foods, and pharmaceutical drugs among others. While government regulations limit the number of toxins present in public waterways, there are still a number of contaminants making their way through public water filtration processes.

Home water filtration systems provide an added layer of protection and filtration from your city’s water supply. Home Water Solutions LLC in Northern Colorado includes an alkaline filter in their water treatment systems to deliver enhanced water with a higher pH level. Along with its many benefits, alkaline water hydrates 5 times faster than regular tap or even bottled water.

Call us today at (970) 840-0868 for more information about the benefits of alkaline water and the unique water treatment systems offered by Home Water Solutions. Our in-home water treatment system will create better quality water for life.

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