The Real Costs of Bottled Water

Drinking water has undeniable health benefits, which often leads many people to buy bottled water. However, contrary to popular belief, bottled water does not necessarily provide a higher quality of water than water from the tap. In fact, roughly half of bottled water companies bottle their water from a municipal tap.  Investing in a good reusable water bottle will be of better benefit to your health and to the health of the environment.

Cost of Bottled Water

 Buying water in plastic bottles is expensive, not to mention wasteful and damaging to the environment and even potentially harmful to your own health. Bottled water can cost anywhere for $0.89 to $8.65 per gallon.

Considering that most bottled water comes from a municipal tap with no additional filtering, this is a hefty price to pay for water that is of potentially lower quality than what you have at home. In reality, you are paying more for a plastic bottle that can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Despite the fact that plastic bottles can be recycled, it is estimated that 50 million bottles still end up in landfills; if laid end to end, this would be enough to stretch from San Francisco to New York City and then back again. In 2014, the City of San Francisco became the first to ban the sale of bottled water on city-owned property in an effort to reduce and discourage the use of single-serve plastic water bottles.

Hopefully, their decision will be the beginning of a growing trend. The environment needs it. Production of one plastic bottle can emit a significant amount of toxins into the air and will use more energy and water to produce than what will be put into the bottle for drinking.

On average, for every liter of bottled water that’s produced, 1.65 liters is used. In addition to the millions of bottles sitting in landfills across the world, there are marine trash vortexes sitting in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans comprised of mostly plastics causing harmful damage to marine life.

Furthermore, water bottled in cheap plastic can also have harmful effects on human health. Even if you purchase bottled water from a reputable source, it may not be as pure as the industry may claim. In addition, you risk ingesting small amounts of the contaminant BPA that could be leeching from the inner lining of the bottle.

Most water bottles contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical component used to harden plastic in the manufacturing process. While, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to study the extent of health effects from BPA, increasing research has linked BPA with certain cancers, infertility, birth defects and diabetes.


Benefits of A Reusable Water Bottle

 The best alternative for your wallet, the environment and your health is to purchase a BPA-free reusable water bottles and install a water filtration system at your house.

The convenience of plastic water bottles is understandable, but with a quality reusable water bottle you will still be able to enjoy the same level of convenience without contributing to environmental damage and simultaneously provide yourself with a better quality of water. Bottled water can contain a lower PH level than tap water, which can actually contribute to dehydration. Purchasing a reusable water bottle allows you to better control what you put in your body while contributing to a reduced negative effect on the environment.

If you are a frequent bottled water buyer, it won’t take long for the investment to pay for itself. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also ensure that you and your family are drinking the cleanest water possible.

Best Brands Of Reusable Water Bottles

There are countless styles of reusable water bottles on the market and the majority of these are now BPA-free. Sizes range from 12 oz to 5 gallons, so you can store large amounts of water for camping trips and have extra bottled at home in case of emergency.

Reusable water bottles can be found in a variety of materials including plastic, glass and stainless steel. Many insulated options are now available as well, which can keep water cold for up to 12 hours.  Top selling brands will have a variety of bottles available guaranteeing that you will find the style that best fits your life. Among the most popular brands on the market you will find:

Of course, a water bottle is only as good as the water you put in it. If you’re using un-treated water, you’re still consuming potentially harmful contaminants. Home Water Solutions offers home water treatment systems for Northern Colorado that treats tap water leaving you with the highest quality drinking water that not only hydrates better, but also tastes better than that of bottled water.

Contact us today for more information about the benefits of combining a reusable water bottle with tap water treated by our in-home water treatment systems.

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