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With all the chemical and organic compounds found in water, wouldn’t it be nice to know what you are putting in your body? Water directly from your tap can be tainted with hormones, harmful contaminants, organic compounds, organisms and other bacteria that can negatively impact your health and wellness.


Toxic levels of metal can be present in your water with some of the most toxic being copper, iron, lead, and mercury. The effects of excess metals can lead to inflammation, high blood pressure, kidney damage, and other long-term diseases.

One of the most dangerous and common elements found in drinking water is lead. Most homes built before 1976 have lead pipes or use lead solder that can release into the water system and will often test positive for elevated and threatening levels of the element. Other contaminants like ammonia and arsenic found in your tap water can lead to toxic buildup in tissues and blood causing serious injury and hazard if ingested long-term.


Organic and inorganic compounds can contaminate groundwater. Pesticides are often sprayed on crop plants, and flow below the ground reaching water-bearing aquifers, rivers, and lakes. If found in great enough concentration, can cause acute health effects like nausea, chemical burns, seizures or convulsions. They have the potential to cause chronic health issues that are difficult to diagnose and resolve.


Bacteria, parasites, & viruses can also be found in some drinking water supplies. Microbial contaminants such as E. coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium can cause inflammation and other gastrointestinal issues commonly attributed to the flu, or food poisioning.


According to the EPA, rising levels of estrogen, testosterone, progestagens, and other hormones have been found in drinking water and ground water. Estrogen enters the water system from a variety of sources and the environmental and ecological impact of these contaminants have been linked to cancer, male infertility, and obesity.

The Solution

A home water filtration system can help to ameliorate the effects of hormones and other contaminants found in water.

At Home Water Solutions, we offer water testing services and water analysis to help determine the unique composition of your water. In order to determine the proper type of filtration for your unique water compound, we recommend taking advantage of our free home water test. Our free, no-obligation water analysis can provide you with the data you need to make an informed decision about your water quality and how to mitigate any unwanted contaminants. We offer both commercial and residential water testing absolutely free, and our unique local water testing will help to identify any unwanted compounds found in your home water system.

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