How Safe is Your Tap Water?

Home Water Solutions has made a habit out of helping its neighbors in the front range area of Northern Colorado to get access to better, healthier water. Home treatment systems filter out the harmful chemicals found in tap water that can lead to many different medical conditions over time.

Those with skin conditions may notice that they have more breakouts when they use their tap water to clean themselves. That’s because tap water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium that prevent soap and dirt from dissolving in it.

This is called “hard” water, and hard water is less effective than treated water at getting things clean.

how safe is your tap water

Can’t get your glasses to sparkle? Hard water may be to blame.

You can notice this difference when you use the dishwasher. Your plates may be sanitized, but sometimes spots form on the dishes that have to be re-washed or treated with a product like Finish or Jet Dry to get them to shine. Those spots are built-up deposits of minerals from the tap water.

What might be more alarming than the minerals in tap water, which can affect how well you can clean your clothes and skin as well as your food and dishes, is that the Environmental Protection Agency tests tap water around the country for only one of the chemical components found in your run-of-the-mill weed killer.

That means that the other six components of the plant-killing poison can be in your tap water at unchecked levels. With the amount of this compound used today on farmlands and lawns, along with fertilizers pesticides, all over the United States, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find relatively high levels of weed killer compounds in the aquifers and reservoirs that most areas draw their tap water from.

Tap water also contains high levels of chlorine, often more than what you would find in your swimming pool, which is noted for its nostril-singeing high chlorine levels. Chlorine treats the water for pathogens but it can also affect the taste and the effectiveness of the water to hydrate your body efficiently over time.

Water used for mass consumption is not always free of all dangerous chemicals. Estrogen levels in the United States’ drinking water have been rising since the middle of the 20th century due to the advent and widespread use of birth control products. This hormone has already been cited as one of the causes for girls reaching sexual maturation at younger and younger ages. Some wildlife and nature specialists have also found evidence of fish changing sexes because of high levels of estrogen in the water.

This is why home water treatment systems are more important than ever to install and begin using immediately.

Tap water won’t have a negative effect on your health overnight, but it could lead to issues if left untreated. Home Water Solutions offers products that use a tried and true method of treating water and giving its customers pure, drinkable, safe water for life. A home water treatment system is a money-saving product that protects a household from the hidden dangers of continued tap water use.

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