Improving Your Home’s Tap Water

The quality of your home’s tap water is extremely important. Water is crucial component of daily life and key factor for health and wellness. Water with contaminants, excessive mineral content and overly acidic pH levels not only contributes to poor health, it can also affect the food you cook, the appliances you use, and the things you clean. Clean, well-balanced water tastes better, feels softer on the skin, and cleans more effectively. The most effective way to ensure high quality water coming through your faucets and pipes is by installing a home water treatment system.


Isn’t Water Already Treated At A Water Treatment Plant?

Yes, water is processed at your local water treatment plant, but only enough to meet standard government regulations. In the United States, we are blessed when it comes to water quality, but it is far from perfect. We have some of the cleanest, safest water in the world, and are less likely to have disease outbreaks as a result. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently has regulations for approximately 100 contaminants, however nearly 2100 contaminants have been found in U.S tap water. In addition, the chemicals and disinfectants used to treat the water supply can often linger and make their way into your home. Many contaminants, such as runoff from pharmaceutical companies, are less closely regulated and are often found in the water you drink and use. Many of the minerals found in water, such as calcium, copper and manganese, can provide health benefits, but are damaging at the wrong levels. Although the effects from traces of the contaminants found in water will not present themselves immediately, they may have a cascading effect on the value of the water you drink affecting your health, how it tastes, and even how well it cleans.

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Benefits Of A Home Water Treatment System

Municipal water treatment facilities filter and treat large quantities of water at a time, which can result in unfiltered contaminants making their way into your home. The most effective way to ensure that you and your loved ones are benefiting from pure, uncontaminated water is through the installation of a home filtration and treatment system.

Home Water Solutions provides specialized water treatment systems that are designed to strip water of harmful, damaging contaminants delivering the purest water possible. By incorporating reverse osmosis filtration and a unique alkaline filter, Home Water Solutions provides your home with better water for a better life.

Water treated with our home treatment systems will not only make your water of better quality, it will also make your water taste better. Mineral content contributes heavily to taste, and so does the presence of chlorine. Chlorine is necessary to prevent bacteria growth, but affects taste, dries out skin and destroys healthy gut bacteria. Treating your water at home reduces chlorine content, improving taste and making it softer on the skin. Our specialized alkaline filter further enhances water by elevating the pH level of your water. Alkaline water is proven to hydrate five times faster than regular tap or even bottled water.

With our whole house water treatment system, the water you use to shower and clean is also purer and more effective. Water free of impurities lathers better requiring smaller amounts of soaps or detergents. This contributes to softer, cleaner skin in addition to increased efficiency in home cleaning. Treated water is more effective in scrubbing away dirt, grease and stains. Water with a balanced mineral content will also prevent water stains

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