A couple things about the taste of water before we get into why home water treatment systems can change your entire relationship with water: it’s not supposed to have much of a taste. In fact, most of the time when you taste something in your water it’s one contaminant or another. If you’re partial to bottled water because of the superior taste, you’re not going crazy.

Concerned about what’s in your drinking water?

Most bottled water companies use a process called reverse osmosis to remove particles like heavy metals, minerals, and other contaminants from the water before they bottle it, ridding it of the heavy chlorine taste that tap water has at times.

Tap water is treated with chlorine to remove pathogens and other hazards to the human body. But the amount of chlorine used to treat this water if often much higher than the chlorine levels recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

So if your tap water tastes a little like you just took a sip of swimming pool water, it’s that pesky chlorine muddling your taste buds. A home water treatment system from Home Water Solutions uses the same process that bottled water companies use to treat their water but adds an alkaline filter to the system, avoiding the acidification that naturally occurs during reverse osmosis, creating a better PH balance in your water so your body can absorb it more efficiently.

So we can agree that while water doesn’t have a taste, per se, contaminants and solvents in it make a difference and usually cause the bad tastes in our mouths when drinking tap water. A home water treatment system will make your tap water “taste” like bottled water without the additives that come inside that plastic bottle that will someday clutter up the ocean. That’s a good thing, right? But a home water treatment system by Home Water Solutions can make more than your water taste better.

Treated water can affect the taste of your cooking.

You might not realize it, but you use water frequently when you cook. When you fill up that pot for boiling pasta, you’re probably not using bottled water, right? The metallic taste in your tap water then ends up in your food. It’s difficult to notice without using filtered, treated water for your next dinner, but it makes a real difference. Even if you boil your water or cook it off in a sauce, it still leaves a chlorine and heavy metal residue in your food, like a thin film over your food. Again, it’s a difficult thing to notice if you’ve never cooked with treated water, because your palate has become accustomed to the chlorine residue, but once you switch to treated tap water, you’ll wonder how you ate your own cooking before.

If you want more taste to your food and less chemical taste to your water, make the switch to a Home Water Solutions water treatment system that delivers refreshing, safe, clear water through your faucet every day. A full treatment system gives you water that tastes like it should: clean and pure.

Worried About What You’re Drinking?

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