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People love us.

Read what people
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William (w2) did outstanding work!! He used both Teflon tape and pipe dope on all of the gas fittings. He took the time to explain everything that he was doing and answered all of my questions. His work was very(…)

David Chenoweth
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am a customer for life. Home Water Solutions is only plumber I will ever need!

Donovan, Lanney, and the whole crew at Home Water Solutions do great work and are even better people. They get an A+ for(…)

Matt Angell
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Lucas was wonderful and very nice he replaced my filters found the quickie noise ( the water pressure coming into the house is to high) He checked the other appliances that use gas. I feel very safe now

Patricia Peterson
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Kudos to Lanney for his prompt visit during the annual check of our water purification system.We have had this set up for years, and it continues to provide us with the best quality of water. Lanney is very(…)

Carol D
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

5 years ago we decided to have Water solutions install a water softer in our house. They installed the system, everything looked good, I was happy. The next morning, I got up and found half the basement was(…)

Diane Wolf

we decided to have a water softener installed back in Jan 2019,when the installer came he seemed as tho the job was such a pain. He installed the Rainsoft water tanks less then 2 ft from my furnace, I could not(…)

Veronica Doolittle

Nick was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I really enjoyed the water tests and the interesting conversation.

Nick Ferro

Very nice water testing demonstration. Nick was very nice and professional.

Kim Peticolas

Wilhelm came out at the exact right time, in a clean uniform and truck, with an organized, friendly and professional approach. My service call started right, but then it got even better! He was helpful,(…)

Don Miller

While we didn’t purchase, Lucas was a very good advocate of clean water options and seeking ways to help our household. Unfortunately we couldn’t purchase considering we just purchased our home. So, timing was(…)

Brian Kingcade

Had an issue with my rainsoft suddenly constantly flowing into the drain. The service tech Willy troubleshooted it and replaced seals, found something that had become loose, and got it all reset. Great in-home(…)

Andy Librande

Great staff at this place of business. There was not a single moment of me talking to reps, installers and service techs than I did not feel like I was being taken care of. These guys are the absolute greatest(…)

Kale Durham

Nick was very detailed in the information he gave us.

Maria Boer

The presentation Alison gave was super informative and entertaining. She even included my daughter as her helper which we all enjoyed. Good company. Great product and employees!

Michael Sharp

Lucas did a VERY good job demonstrating the need for, and explaining the benefits of, a water treatment system for our home. I’m excited for tomorrow – as soon as it’s installed – I’m taking a shower in truly clean water!

Marina Solt

Andrew Grant came to our house, and I can not say enough great things about him. He was so informative, so so much fun, and very knowledgeable on the product. He kept our attention, had us partake in some of the(…)

Ashley Gutierrez

Lucas did a fabulous job with the presentation on water testing and conditioning of the water quality in our home.

boogers picker

Wilhelm is the best technician, very informed, very friendly. He went the extra mile

Barbara Vallejos

Tyler spent about 90 minutes turning my kitchen into a lab of testing and educating, all very interesting for sure! I’ve got some research to do now that I’ve got some preliminary information. Thanks so much ,very professional?


Great demonstration of water quality. Drew was funny, informative, and not too “sales-y” which was very much appreciated. We were able to draw our own conclusions about our water without feeling pressure to buy(…)

Jessica Muniz

Totally enjoyed the presentation by Jeremy. It was complete with humor, informative, and passionate. You can’t go wrong with being knowledgeable from the presnetation and ready to make a decision about your water future.

Dad Hatchett

Alison was very nice and knowledgeable! Very thorough and willing to answer all of my question! We had a good time and learned a lot!

Nick Majecki

Alison R. did a wonderful job testing our water. She was very polite and respectful of our home. She really knows her stuff! So FUN!

Gary Quintana

Alison R. was awesome she was very professional and knowledgeable about everything. If you can ask for a tech or schedule her you should! She was no pressure but honest and helpful.

Danielle Floyd

Drew was absolutely fantastic. He was funny, entertaining, and very knowledgeable. He worked with us to try to get something we could afford. We enjoyed his company and the overall experience was definitely eye(…)


Nick was fantastic! Was very informative and super professional.

MasterOfThe Universe

Allison came to my house on time and she was very Knowledgeable. She answered all my questions that I asked I really enjoyed working with her.


Drew was very professional, great personality and knew the product well. He was enthusiastic of all the benefits of what comes from clean water. He answered every question and encouraged my hard sell partner to(…)

Kaz Myskiw

Great system, nice people, terrible expectations about sales pitch.

The interaction was initiated by myself to investigate and eventually procure a water conditioning system for my home. The scheduler stayed(…)

Brian Vargo

The water tester, Drew, was fantastic! Great personality, informative, and professional. We were just not given the exact scope of what the water test would entail prior to Drew’s visit, so it was a more lengthy(…)

Jacklyn Chambers

We had a great time learning about the water from allison

Craig Chapman

the presentation very interesting and enjoyable. Only giving 4 stars due to the fact that I had no idea initially that I they wanted me to purchase their water system. I honestly thought it was just a water test(…)

Lydia Savage

Welp, gotta say I had to redact my previous review. They fixed the issue and had some seriously good customer service while doing it. Jeremy and Anthony, (both are service guys) couldn’t ask for better service.(…)

Rei Rei

Alison R. was very knowledgeable and made having our water tested a fun experience.

Angela Kirby

Allison exceeded expectations! Very friendly, informative, and understanding of our needs!

Blair Van Hoeven

Charles was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable!

Nolan Sneed

They fixed my issue. Got only complaints about it being proprietary now. I’m still upset with rainsoft, guess that’s why they went out of business. These people just have a lot of cleaning up their mess to do. Thanks guys.

Rei Jay

Gave a lot of details and was very informative

Marie Hergan

Alyssa was very helpful and knowledgeable saleswoman. The installers installed the same day as I we got our products. Our tastes so much better than before!
Jolie Hollman

Excellent home testing and very knowledgeable

Devin Burczek

The rep that came to my home, Eta, was wonderful. Very thorough and informative without being pushy. The product looked great too. We will most likely purchase soon.


Great presentation, precise to point. Charles was well knowledgeable but it disappointing for him when he found out I already got the unit, still he was able to explain all what’s needed to make the system works at 100% capacity. His a great guy.

Christopher Ojo

Charles was very professional and informational. I highly recommend seeking his expertise if you’re concerned about your water quality, which you should be!


Etta was great! It was a pleasure having her in our home! She was very helpful and The system is definitely worth it! I look forward to getting it soon! Thank you

Shannon Contrearas

Great demonstration. Plan to purchase in the future.

Eldridge Felder

Joel was very pleasant and knowledgable and even funny. The testing was unbelievably needed. We can’t wait to have service in the not too distant future. HWS…make sure you keep this guy on your team.

El & LoLo Downing

Water test was great. Technician was extremely knowledgeable and made sense of the technical aspects.

RJ Mader

He did a great job. Very professional, knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with.

Pamela Toney

Good experience with interesting demos. Lots of helpful information

Hana Casalnova

My technician Charles C DeBaca was Punctual, polite, and knowledgeable about his product.

Zoe Assaly

He was prepared, executed the water tests with ease, and was extremely helpful with all of our questions.

Cynthia Kinderknecht – STLAU Faculty

The experience I had was great. Zach was very informative about our water quality issues. He was wnjoyable to talk to.

Kristin Deeds

We enjoyed meeting and talking with Charles Cde Baca. It was informative and he delivered his message well. I would recommend him and Home Water Solutions for anyone that is looking for water filtration for their homes.

Katherine Rogers

Drew came over for a water test. Wow did we learn how poor our water here is and what we needed to fix it. Great service from this company and Drew. Thanks,

Jerry Wilke

Michael was giving his first demonstration and testing but was very professional, likable and knowledgeable.

Thomas Dockstader

Charles is a great Tech and a great guy. Very up font and honest.

Andrew Zollner

Loren was extremely nice and informative. I recommend this to everyone!

Tamyra Carpenter

This system is awsome!!! I know it’s a lot of money but I promise it’s a investment for yourself and love ones!!

Rudolfo Romeo

Charles very polite and very knowledgeable of water solution.

Angelina Gutierrez

Loren was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Jigyasha Mishra

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