We had a great time learning about the water from allison

Craig Chapman

the presentation very interesting and enjoyable. Only giving 4 stars due to the fact that I had no idea initially that I they wanted me to purchase their water system. I honestly thought it was just a water test(…)

Lydia Savage

Welp, gotta say I had to redact my previous review. They fixed the issue and had some seriously good customer service while doing it. Jeremy and Anthony, (both are service guys) couldn’t ask for better service.(…)

Rei Rei

Alison R. was very knowledgeable and made having our water tested a fun experience.

Angela Kirby

Allison exceeded expectations! Very friendly, informative, and understanding of our needs!

Blair Van Hoeven

Charles was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable!

Nolan Sneed

They fixed my issue. Got only complaints about it being proprietary now. I’m still upset with rainsoft, guess that’s why they went out of business. These people just have a lot of cleaning up their mess to do. Thanks guys.

Rei Jay

Gave a lot of details and was very informative

Marie Hergan

Alyssa was very helpful and knowledgeable saleswoman. The installers installed the same day as I we got our products. Our tastes so much better than before!
Jolie Hollman

Excellent home testing and very knowledgeable

Devin Burczek
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