Great system, nice people, terrible expectations about sales pitch.

The interaction was initiated by myself to investigate and eventually procure a water conditioning system for my home. The scheduler stayed this would be a 45 min water test & presentation followed by a little extra time if interested in looking into options. Was extremely disappointed when we hit 2 hours and we still hadn’t discussed price. I called them not the other way around, they didn’t have to sell me on every little detail. My wife and I were both showing signs of fatigue. Thankfully our kids were behaving and entertaining themselves. We ended up purchasing a system and are very pleased with it. The installation was almost as bad as the sales pitch. Had a 10:30-11:30am scheduled install tech arrival time. I called at 12 as I still hadn’t seen anyone show up and found out that the tech was still stuck on the previous install 2 hours drive away. What time was their install? 5am??? Installer arrived at 3:30 and left at 6:30pm. I had dinner plans I had to reschedule due to their extremely late arrival.

Aside from the sales pitch and installation schedule issues, we do love the system thus far! The 4 star rating is 90% system and 10% service.