Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am a customer for life. Home Water Solutions is only plumber I will ever need!

Donovan, Lanney, and the whole crew at Home Water Solutions do great work and are even better people. They get an A+ for service, quality, value, and care. They let me know I am a cared for customer, not just a job number. They treated homes with respect and only install the way they would have it installed.

When they came out to service our water softener (which I’ve had for 16 years and also HIGHLY recommend) they let us know our water heater was about to go out and sure enough, a few weeks later it did. Home Water Solutions gave me a great, competitive quote but I tried to save some money and called around for the cheapest rate, went with a different plumber and it was the worst decision I’ve made as a homeowner. (BE SURE TO SEE THE BEFORE AFTER PICS).

The other company left us with a broken valve on our Carbon tank, dumped the carbon from the tank down the drain (both are parts of the water softener), a gas leak, a CO leak, a water leak, left the old water heater, left trash, PLUS other issues that would not pass code, and were radio silent for weeks. They also installed a 3” exhaust pipe hanging so low that when I finish the basement I would have had to drop the ceiling to 6’.

When Home Water Solutions came to repair our Carbon tank they saw the state of it as I told them my story. There was no “I told you so” or no high pressure sales. They felt bad for me and with genuine concern told me they’d help set it right. In just 8 hours they fixed EVERYTHING, starting literally from the ground up.

They took down and remounted the water heater, replaced the valves, carbon tank, fittings, drainage and pipes. They re-ran the exhaust too, they did such a great job you can hardly see it!

I could not be happier! Huge, HUGE thanks to Home Water Solutions!

Do yourself a favor, learn from my experience and call these guys when you need plumbing. Like I said: A+ in service, quality, value, and care. They are now my first and only stop when I need a plumber.

Pictures below are just a “highlight reel,” Home Water Solutions definitely did a lot more than what you see.