we decided to have a water softener installed back in Jan 2019,when the installer came he seemed as tho the job was such a pain. He installed the Rainsoft water tanks less then 2 ft from my furnace, I could not see into the tank nor could I get the salt into the brine tank unless I tipped it to one side, and truthfully I didn’t think anything of it. that the water system was to close to my furnace. I called home water solutions to come fix the face plate to the rain soft system, because I had pushed the face plate to hard by accident and it came off. Josh was the tech who came out and he was so sweet and very knowledgeable,Josh could not believe how the system was installed he took pic’s and measured how far the system was from my furnace ,Josh went back to his office and spoke with his supervisor showed him how bad this system was installed.Josh and his Sup agreed that this issue needed to be corrected, Josh informed me that they would move my rain soft system away from the furnace and correctly place it near the main water line.AT NO CHARGE to me.
I know that there are bad apples in every company. Josh made such a big impression on me. this young man explained the problem didn’t make me feel stupid he just answered all my questions even tho he had to repeat them when my husband came home, I greatly appreciate what he did, he fought for what was right,Josh is a man of integrity! I believe this is what this company is trying to do, rebuild with the right people.
Do I recommend this company? Yes as long as they have more people like Josh.