Why You Need Home Water Treatment

Even if you don’t drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you still rely on your home water system for almost everything. From washing your clothes to washing your fruit and vegetables and cooking, your home tap water makes a huge difference in your life. Home Water Solutions has products and systems that improve this valuable, useful resource for all homes featuring Rainsoft treatment systems that remove impurities in tap water, saving you time and money in the long-run, and improving your health.

Home water treatment systems make your tap water even safer to drink than bottled water. In addition to contributing to massive pollution and littering problems in our oceans and elsewhere, bottled water is much more expensive than the tap water coming out of your faucet. And you’d have to purchase many more bottles to do your laundry, do your cooking, and more.


Bottled water typically uses reverse osmosis to purify the water for human consumption. This process leaves the water much cleaner than tap water, which can be affected by deteriorating pipe systems with heavy metals like lead, but it leaves the water more acidic than what is recommended for your body.

The body keeps its bloodstream close to the center of the basic-acidic scale, making the blood inhospitable for pathogens that prefer a more acidic environment from building up and causing problems, and making it easier for the body to transport nutrients.

But isn’t bottled water good for you?

Reverse osmosis usually leaves the water more acidic, making it more difficult for the body to absorb and add to the bloodstream. This is why sometimes, when drinking bottled water, you can’t seem to keep it in your body long enough. Reverse osmosis also breaks water down at the molecular level, leaving behind free radicals, or bits of incomplete water molecules that can leech into your body’s cells and cause cancer over time.

Home Water Solutions has water treatment systems that remove not only the impurities in tap water, but also create safer water than bottled water you’d find at the store.

Our water treatment system uses reverse osmosis to cleanse tap water of all impurities like heavy metals and potentially harmful chemicals, then filters it again using an alkaline filter, which helps bring the water back to a more basic acidity level, making it easier for your body to absorb and use. This filtration system can be recharged when it loses its effectiveness, making it unnecessary to replace frequently.

Tap water and bottled water won’t hurt you overnight, but eight glasses a day of water with even a small amount of harmful chemicals and metals will create buildups of toxins in your body. Untreated water can also damage your clothes, your food, and even your plumbing over time.

It’s difficult to notice at first. Don’t risk it. Get a water treatment system for your home and save your health and your money in the future.

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